About the Stardust Festival

steam activities

Let's make STEAM! Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics will be a core part of the Festival, to get youth inspired!


Networking contributes to your social well-being. Networking leads to the exchange of ideas. The Festival is catered with Networking in mind!

indigenous culture

Learn about indigenous culture through traditional ceremonies, sharing circles, storytelling, singing and drumming.

Mental health awareness

Because of misconceptions and stigma surrounding mental health issues, people often suffer in silence and don't seek treatment for their conditions.

from dreams to reality.

the idea behind the festival

The Stardust Festival as been established to create opportunities for visible minorities to get inspired and involved in leadership and STEAM roles. 



“We are all stardust traveling through the darkness of space,” says Jason Michaud, CEO of Stardust Technologies, adding that his and other companies “formed an alliance committed to building a future in space founded on the principles of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.”


We are always looking for new volunteers

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Key points about the festival


The Exhibition Floor will be running all week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and is free of charge.


Multiple STEAM Activities with our partners will be happening thorough the week and they are free of charge.

MHA Workshops

Mental Health Awareness Workshops by professionals and survivors will be happening in conjunction to the Festival free of charge.


Several ceremonies and networking event will be happening thorough the week such as the Stardust Opening Reception, The Indigenous Celebrations, Night Under the Stars, the Polar Bear Heritage Night, Golf on the Moon, Stardust Awards and Yuri’s Night. 


The 1st annual Stardust Awards will be taking place at the Festival to celebrate the extraordinary businesses, individuals and initiatives making significant contributions to the space industry! This event is free of charge.

some things you should know about the Stardust Alliance

The Stardust Festival, is organized by the Stardust Alliance and Stardust  with the support of countless volunteers, thousands of hours and sleepless nights. We apreciate all in-kind or monetary donations towards our efforts to make space accessible for everyone!

The Stardust Alliance as many different initiatives to make STEAM accessible for everyone, and help is always in need. We invite you to come to our booth during the Festival to find out more about the Stardust Alliance.

We take our mission very seriously, and to make space accessible for everyone the Stardust Alliance transcends borders. We are working on establishing worldwide memberships that can be beacons of hope in there countries for the youth.

The Stardust Alliance is establishing multiple committees around the galaxy, so that we may better address the lack of STEAM opportunities in rural and visible minorities communities.

General FAQ's

questions about the Stardust FESTIVAL?

The Stardust Festival is excited to make all of its exhibitions and workshops free access to everyone, towards the goal of making STEAM more accessible.

Cochrane, Ontario is located about 8 hours or 732KM North of Toronto, Ontario by vehicle or bus. Our community is also accessible by airplane in Timmins, Ontario, for anyone flying we will be more then happy to arrange a pickup in Timmins, Ontario. For more information on Cochrane, please visit the Discover Cochrane page on our website. 

Hotels, motels, campgrounds and restaurants have been made aware of the Stardust Festival, and are excited to receive you!


We have partnered with several accommodations to provide the following discount code for rooms “Stardust Festival” and we have also booked rooms at the Best Western for our VIPS, Sponsors and Volunteers that will be attending the Stardust Festival. Please do not hesitate to communicate with our team if you need help planning with logistics.

Setup of the exhibition is permitted to start on July 31st, and teardown must be done on August 6th at 5:00 pm. If for some reason you must leave prior, please do let us know, we are making sure to avoid a crater in the exhibition hall. 🙂

Ask us about our VIP Sponsorship Experiences! They are available to purchase from our Sponsorship Page and will get you up close and personal with the Polar Bear, get you access to the VIP Bear Den with free alcohol during the week of the exhibition. Our Team also as planned a trip for our VIP Guest and Sponsors to go for a ride on the Polar Bear Express to Moosenee and get to go experience a boat cruise on the James Bay.  We also have setup priority shuttling services from the events and locations for our VIP Guest, and have the opportunity to experience a scenic wilderness tour to the Launch Canada event, as well as cross Canada’s last remaining Cable Ferry.

If you are interested in becoming a speaker at our event, please let us know prior to July 20th, so that we can make all the proper arrangements ahead of time. There is no cost associated with becoming a speaker, we welcome students, industry, academic and government speakers to join our festival.