Autocompressor v0.2 - Media Compression Tool

Reduce the file size of your video, image, audio, or GIF quickly and easily with our free online compression tool. Whether you need to shrink your file to 8MB or any other specific size, our tool offers a simple and intuitive solution. We'll also create perfectly compressed emotes and stickers for Discord. Using the link mode, you can instantly compress YouTube videos and other sites to 8MB. Our advanced AUTO-REZ™ technology achieves higher quality at a given filesize than any other website.

Release 0.2: New, faster compression server! See changelog.

Upload your video, image, audio, or GIF:

Our input file size limit is 2 GiB.

Alternatively, enter a link.
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Moderate encoding efficiency, can create emotes and stickers
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Click the button to start the encoding process. Completed files are deleted after 24 hours, so share the file, not the link to it.

Status: Ready
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VIDEO: Rickroll Video (03:32 YT 1080p25 AV1+Opus) to 8 MiB H.264 Maximum
VIDEO: GN Skytech Video (27:12 YT 1080p60 AV1+Opus) to 8 MiB VP9 Normal
IMAGE: Photograph (24MP 800 ISO) to 8 MiB JPEG
IMAGE: Photograph (24MP 800 ISO) to 256 KiB JPEG
GIF: Video (Reddit) to 8 MiB GIF Normal - Source

Pro Tips

- The mobile-only forced compressor on Discord only attempts to compress JPEG and MP4/MOV files. To avoid it, use our VP9/Opus WebM, OGG, WebP mode, which will do a significantly better job than the React Native compressor.
- Uploading a PNG that is already smaller than the target size for JPEG/PNG mode will optimize the PNG. Try it with Maximum compression!


09/30: beginning of changelog
09/30: Fully functioning GIF compression
09/30: Pricing page
10/02: VP9/Opus WebM support
10/12: Audio only file compression
10/12: Image file compression (PNG/JPG only)
10/14: WebP image output
10/16: H.264/AAC anti overshoot loop
10/17: VP9/Opus anti overshoot loop
10/18: About page
10/19: Improved JPEG and WebP output
10/19: HTTPS... finally
10/23: Supports inputs in the "High Efficiency" Image Codec
10/24: Made conversion to PNG/JPEG suck less
10/26: APNG output support (not very optimized)
10/27: Animated WebP output (same logic as still WebP)
11/18: Completed transcodes are deleted after 24 hours
12/02: AV1 embed tool link
12/06: Contact page that is actually just a mailto
01/05: Finally figured out how i broke autocompressor :facepalm:
01/08: Fixed a mathematical error causing too high res to be selected in fast presets
01/08: Added AV1
01/20: Added Smart Audio Adjustment (see about page)
01/30: Adjusted WebP encoding based on new science
02/04: JPEG/PNG encoding is now WAY faster and has presets
02/05: Added AVIF still image encoding for up to 50% better efficiency than JPEG
02/14: Proper support for animated and still Discord emote and sticker encoding
02/16: Join our Discord server!
02/16: New, better looking UI
02/17: PROGRESS REPORTING!!!! for video encoding
02/19: Huge speed and filesize accuracy improvements for all image encoding
02/23: Fixed an issue where "bitrate too low for the selected codec" didn't show up
02/23: No more losing your progress on a transcode! Each job has its own URL now, so you can just go back
02/24: Fixed AWebP to use the new faster Q-seeking algorithm
02/28: Overshoot retrys caused by video will no longer harm audio quality and vice versa
03/02: Added a video thumbnail feature (interface is bad but it exists)
03/10: RELEASE 0.2! :woag: We now have a faster server.
Transcodes will be up to 3 times faster, and large images can be handled more easily.
Known issues: Uploads seem a little slow. We'll be trying to figure that out.
03/13: Added link option. DIRECT LINKS TO FILES ONLY right now, yt-dlp comes later, perhaps even today.
03/14: Improved VP9 and AV1 fast presets
03/14: You can now link videos that are downloadable by YT-DLP. For now, they must be less than 2GB and less than an hour.


Add image compression (maybe JXL?)
Maybe add VVC video compression? dead format though
Add "API" info page
Add progress bar
Set up a support Discord
Separate into frontend, load balancer, and transcode servers
Set up a system of accounts and IP tracking
Set up payments for higher tiers of service

XMR: 45bZrPj2QbETb1wogXnwqDKaaxcH2CsBRD4PfiLNnMVT1R3uZ1raeWX3zfY8zWejmZE5bzUFfU6PXjnaXVqPon7S8fiVRnv